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Joint recreation commission
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 13
§ 244-d. Joint recreation commission. 1. Two or more municipalities
which have established recreation commissions, as provided in section
two hundred forty-three of the general municipal law, may join for the
purpose of establishing a joint recreation commission.

2. The board of municipalities desiring to establish a joint
recreation commission shall informally agree on the use of facilities,
personnel, and the distribution of financial support. After informal
agreement has been reached, the common council or board of each
participating municipality shall pass an ordinance embodying the terms
of the agreement, before the agreement becomes final. Failure of one of
the municipalities to pass the ordinance within ninety days after the
informal agreement has been reached shall void the arrangement as to all
parties; but the remaining parties may proceed with a new agreement.

3. A joint recreation commission shall be organized and function in
the same manner as a recreation commission and shall be composed of all
the members of the commissions of the participating municipalities. A
joint recreation commission, however, may create an executive committee
from its membership composed of an equal number of members from each
participating municipality. Under the same limitations as the recreation
commission, the executive committee may exercise all of the authority of
the joint recreation commission, except that any executive committee
member by demand may require an issue to be submitted to the joint
recreation commission.

4. The joint recreation commission shall determine its total budget
request. The members of each participating municipality shall present to
their appropriating body the total budget and shall set forth the amount
chargeable to their municipality by the terms of the agreement and
ordinance. In case their appropriating body does not appropriate an
amount sufficient to meet its proportionate share, the joint recreation
commission may reduce the expenditures attributable to that municipality
or treat the reduced appropriation as a repudiation of the agreement and
terminate the relationship according to the provisions of subdivision
six of this section.

5. A fiscal officer of one such municipality shall be the custodian of
the moneys made available for expenditure for such purposes by all such
municipalities and that such fiscal officer may make payments therefrom
upon audit of the appropriate auditing body or officer of his

6. A municipality may withdraw from a recreation commission board at
the close of a fiscal year by repealing its adopting ordinance and
filing a copy of the repeal ordinance with the other participating
municipalities. The joint recreation commission may terminate the
participation of a municipality when it does not contribute its
proportion of the total budget agreed upon in the original agreement and
ordinance. The termination shall occur at the conclusion of the fiscal
year in which the joint recreation commission makes its finding.

The joint recreation commission at the conclusion of a fiscal year in
which a discontinuance occurs, shall fairly and equitably distribute to
the participating municipalities all moneys remaining in the fund.