1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. General Municipal
  4. Article 3: Report of Financial Condition

Section 32 Comptroller to furnish blank forms

General Municipal (GMU)

The comptroller shall annually furnish to the officers required to make reports by the provisions of this article other than officers of a school district subject to the jurisdiction of a district superintendent under the provisions of article forty-five of the education law, and other than officers filing the required reports by electronic or other paperless method as authorized by section thirty of this article, upon request, printed blanks and forms on which shall be indicated the information required, together with suitable printed instructions for filling out the same. In the case of school districts subject to the jurisdiction of a district superintendent, such printed blanks, forms and printed instructions shall be furnished to such district superintendent who shall aid and assist the officers of such school district in making and filing such report.