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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 14-C
§ 401. Definitions. Whenever used in this article, unless a different
meaning clearly appears from the context:

(a) The term "undertaking" shall include the following
revenue-producing undertakings, whether now existing or hereafter
acquired or constructed: Causeways, tunnels, viaducts, bridges and other
crossings; highways, parkways, airports, docks, piers and wharves;
systems, plants, works, instrumentalities and properties used or useful
in connection with (i) the obtaining of a water supply and the
collection, treatment and disposal of water for public and private uses,
(ii) the collection, treatment and disposal of sewage, waste and storm
water, and (iii) resource recovery from municipal solid waste through
the use of structures, machinery or devices involving the separation,
extraction and recovery of useable materials, energy or heat; together
with all parts of any such undertaking and all appurtenances thereto
including lands, easements, rights of way, contract rights, franchises,
approaches, connections, dams, reservoirs, sewage disposal plants,
intercepting sewers, trunk, connecting and other sewer and water mains,
filtration works, pumping stations and equipment.

(b) The term "municipality" shall mean a county, town, city or

(c) The term "governing body" shall mean the board of supervisors of a
county, the town board of a town, the board of estimate and
apportionment or other board performing similar functions in any city
now or hereafter having a population of more than eight hundred
thousand, except that in the city of New York the term governing body
shall mean the officer or agency vested with power under the charter of
such city or by other law, to act pursuant to this chapter; the city
council, the common council, the municipal assembly or other legislative
body of any other city, and the board of trustees of a village.