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This entry was published on 2017-07-14
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Restrictions upon conduct of bingo games
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 14-H
§ 479. Restrictions upon conduct of bingo games. The conduct of bingo
games authorized by local law or ordinance shall be subject to the
following restrictions irrespective of whether the restrictions are
contained in such local law or ordinance; but nothing herein shall be
construed to prevent the inclusion within such local law or ordinance of
other provisions imposing additional restrictions upon the conduct of
bingo games:

1. No person, firm, association, corporation or organization, other
than a licensee under the provisions of this article, shall conduct such
game or shall lease or otherwise make available for conducting bingo a
hall or other premises for any consideration whatsoever, direct or

2. No bingo games shall be held, operated or conducted on or within
any leased premises if rental under such lease is to be paid, wholly or
partly, on the basis of a percentage of the receipts or net profits
derived from the operation of such game.

3. No authorized organization licensed under the provisions of this
article shall purchase, lease, or receive any supplies or equipment
specifically designed or adapted for use in the conduct of bingo games
from other than a supplier licensed under the bingo control law or from
another authorized organization.

4. The entire net proceeds of any game of bingo and of any rental
shall be exclusively devoted to the lawful purposes of the organization
permitted to conduct the same.

5. No prize shall exceed the sum or value of five thousand dollars in
any single game of bingo.

6. No series of prizes on any one bingo occasion shall aggregate more
than fifteen thousand dollars.

7. No person except a bona fide member of any such organization shall
participate in the management or operation of such game.

8. No person shall receive any remuneration for participating in the
management or operation of any game of bingo.

9. The unauthorized conduct of a bingo game and any wilful violation
of any provision of any local law or ordinance shall constitute and be
punishable as a misdemeanor.

9-a. No person licensed to sell bingo supplies or equipment, or their
agents, shall conduct, participate in, or assist in the conduct of
bingo. Nothing herein shall prohibit a licensed distributor from
selling, offering for sale, or explaining a product to an authorized
organization, or installing, or servicing bingo equipment, upon the
premises of a bingo game licensee.

10. Limited period bingo shall be conducted in accordance with the
provisions of this article and the rules and regulations of the