1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. General Municipal
  4. Article 4: Negligence and Malfeasance of Public Officers; Taxpayers' Remedies

Section 50 Cause of action not barred

General Municipal (GMU)

A cause of action in law or equity against any municipality in the state of New York, or its proper officers, arising from the action of such municipality in derogation of its previous grant or covenant, where a previous action shall not have succeeded, in whole or in part, owing to the failure of the said municipality to produce or prove certain written evidence, which was essential to the plaintiff's claim, shall not be barred by the operation of the statutes limiting the time for the enforcement of civil remedies in favor of the successor in interest to the person entitled to any benefit or damages by reason of such grant, covenant or action of said municipality.