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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Intervention by commissioner
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 15
§ 516. Intervention by commissioner. In any action or proceeding
affecting any urban renewal program, the commissioner shall be given
prompt notice thereof, and he shall take such steps in such action or
proceeding as may be necessary or desirable to protect the public
interest. If, in the opinion of the commissioner, it is necessary or
desirable in the public interest that he intervene in any such action or
proceeding he shall be permitted to do so as a matter of right. Whenever
in connection with an urban renewal program, under any instrument or
law, a notice in writing is required to be served upon the municipality
before the institution of any action or proceeding, a copy of such
notice shall be served upon the commissioner at least five days before
commencement of the action or proceeding.