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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 15
§ 520. Construction. This article shall be construed liberally to
effect the purposes hereof and the enumeration of specific powers in
this act shall not operate to restrict the meaning of any general grant
of power contained in this chapter or to exclude other powers
comprehended in such general grant. In construing this chapter
consideration shall be given to its purposes and intent, among others,
of consolidating, clarifying and simplifying the respective provisions
of the chapters repealed as hereinafter specified in section five
hundred twenty-five hereof and of authorizing municipalities to
undertake one or more programs of urban renewal with respect to the
clearance, replanning, reconstruction, rehabilitation, redevelopment,
conservation, restoration or improvement of substandard, insanitary,
slum, blighted, deteriorated or deteriorating residential,
non-residential, improved or vacant areas, or the remedying of
unsuitable topographical, subsoil or other physical conditions which
tend to impede the development of such areas, for residential,
commercial, industrial, community, public and other uses and to apply
for and accept federal or state loans, subsidies or grants in connection
therewith. Insofar as the provisions of this article are inconsistent
with the provisions of any other general, special or local law, the
provisions of this article shall be controlling.