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This entry was published on 2021-07-02
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Area designation
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 16
§ 693. Area designation. An urban development action area shall by
resolution be designated by the governing body, or by the commission
where so authorized to act by the governing body, on its own initiative
or upon recommendation of the agency, provided at least sixty percent of
such area is an eligible area. Any such designation shall be in
conformance with the standards and procedures required for all land use
determinations pursuant to general, special or local law or charter.
Provided, however, that if a proposed urban development action area
project is to be developed on an eligible area and consists solely of
the rehabilitation or conservation of existing private or multiple
dwellings or the construction of one to four unit dwellings or, until
June thirtieth, two thousand twenty-four, for up to six urban
development action area projects in any calendar year, the construction
of up to ninety dwelling units financed by the federal government and
restricted to occupancy by the elderly or by persons with disabilities
without any change in land use permitted by local zoning, the governing
body, or the commission where so authorized to act by the governing
body, may waive the area designation requirement.