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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Certain interests prohibited
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 18
§ 804-a. Certain interests prohibited. No member of the governing
board, of a municipality shall have any interest in the development or
operation of any real property located within Nassau County and
developed or operated by any membership corporation originally formed
for purposes among which are the following:

1. to plan for, advise, recommend, promote and in all ways encourage,
alone or in concert with public officials and bodies and interested
local associations, the development and establishment of any lands in
Nassau County publically owned with particular emphasis on industrial,
business, commercial, residential and public uses, the augmention of
public revenues and furtherance of the public interest of the citizens
of Nassau County;

2. to conduct studies to ascertain the needs of Nassau County as
pertains to such publically owned lands and supporting facilities and in
Nassau County generally for the purpose of aiding the County of Nassau
in attracting new business, commerce and industry to it and in
encouraging the development and retention of business, commerce and

3. to relieve and reduce unemployment, promote and provide for
additional and maximum employment, better and maintain job opportunities
and instruct or train individuals to improve or develop their
capabilities for such jobs;

4. to implement and engage itself in plans of development of such
publically owned lands and other areas in connection with private
companies and citizens and with public bodies and officials, and to
participate in such operations, leaseholds, loans, ownerships with
respect to land, buildings or public facilities or interest therein as
may be lawful and desirable to effectuate its corporate purposes and the
best interests of the people of Nassau County.