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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Disclosure in certain applications
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 18
§ 809. Disclosure in certain applications. 1. Every application,
petition or request submitted for a variance, amendment, change of
zoning, approval of a plat, exemption from a plat or official map,
license or permit, pursuant to the provisions of any ordinance, local
law, rule or regulation constituting the zoning and planning regulations
of a municipality shall state the name, residence and the nature and
extent of the interest of any state officer or any officer or employee
of such municipality or of a municipality of which such municipality is
a part, in the person, partnership or association making such
application, petition or request (hereinafter called the applicant) to
the extent known to such applicant.

2. For the purpose of this section an officer or employee shall be
deemed to have an interest in the applicant when he, his spouse, or
their brothers, sisters, parents, children, grandchildren, or the spouse
of any of them

(a) is the applicant, or

(b) is an officer, director, partner or employee of the applicant, or

(c) legally or beneficially owns or controls stock of a corporate
applicant or is a member of a partnership or association applicant, or

(d) is a party to an agreement with such an applicant, express or
implied, whereby he may receive any payment or other benefit, whether or
not for services rendered, dependent or contingent upon the favorable
approval of such application, petition or request.

3. In the county of Nassau the provisions of subdivisions one and two
of this section shall also apply to a party officer. "Party officer"
shall mean any person holding any position or office, whether by
election, appointment or otherwise, in any party as defined by
subdivision four of section two of the election law.

4. Ownership of less than five per cent of the stock of a corporation
whose stock is listed on the New York or American Stock Exchanges shall
not constitute an interest for the purposes of this section.

5. A person who knowingly and intentionally violates this section
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.