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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Local legislative powers
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 19-A
§ 980-c. Local legislative powers. Upon establishment of a district
pursuant to the provisions of this article, the legislative body shall
have authority to exercise the following powers with respect to such
district, subject to the provisions of this article to: (a) provide for
district improvements located on or within municipally or district owned
or leased property which will restore or promote business activity in
the district:

(1) construction and installation of landscaping, planting, and park

(2) construction of lighting and heating facilities;

(3) construction of physically aesthetic and decorative safety
fixtures, equipment and facilities;

(4) construction of improvements to enhance security of persons and
property within the district;

(5) construction of pedestrian overpasses and underpasses and
connections between buildings;

(6) closing, opening, widening or narrowing of existing streets;

(7) construction of ramps, sidewalks, plazas, and pedestrian malls;

(8) rehabilitation or removal of existing structures as required;

(9) removal and relocation of utilities and vaults as required;

(10) construction of parking lot and parking garage facilities; and

(11) construction of fixtures, equipment, facilities and appurtenances
as may enhance the movement, convenience and enjoyment of the public and
be of economic benefit to surrounding properties such as: bus stop
shelters; benches and street furniture; booths, kiosks, display cases,
and exhibits; signs; receptacles; canopies; pedestrian shelters and

(b) provide for the operation and maintenance of any district

(c) provide for additional maintenance or other additional services
required for the enjoyment and protection of the public and the
promotion and enhancement of the district whether or not in conjunction
with improvements authorized by this section, including:

(1) enhanced sanitation services;

(2) services promoting and advertising activities within the district;

(3) marketing education for businesses within the district;

(4) decorations and lighting for seasonal and holiday purposes; and

(5) services to enhance the security of persons and property within
the district.

(d) enter into contracts to provide for the construction of
accessibility improvements adjacent to public areas by businesses within
the district which will increase access from public areas to such
businesses for persons with disabilities and the general public and
assist businesses in meeting requirements for removal of architectural
barriers in existing facilities, pursuant to the Americans with
disabilities act of 1990, as amended (P.L. 101-336).