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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Expense of the district
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24, ARTICLE 19-A
§ 980-j. Expense of the district. (a) The expense incurred in the
construction or operation of any improvement or provision of additional
services in a district pursuant to this article shall be financed in
accordance with the district plan upon which the establishment or
extension of the district was based. Services for which district
property owners are charged pursuant to the plan must be in addition to
or an enhancement of those provided by the municipality prior to the
establishment of the district. The expense and cost apportioned to
benefited real property in accordance with the plan shall be a charge
upon each benefited parcel of real property within the district.

(b) The charge upon benefited real property pursuant to this article
shall be imposed as provided in the district plan. If the formula
includes an ad valorem component, this component shall be determined by
the assessed value of each parcel as entered on the latest completed
assessment roll used by the municipality for the levy of general
municipal taxes. The charge shall be determined, levied and collected in
the same manner, at the same time and by the same officers, as general
municipal taxes are levied and collected.

(c) Any municipality which has established a district pursuant to this
article, may, for the purpose of providing funds for making capital
improvements within a district, issue and sell bonds or other municipal
obligations as provided in the local finance law and other applicable
laws and statutes. Principal and interest payments on these bonds or
other municipal obligations may be made in whole or in part from the
proceeds of charges imposed upon benefited real property within the