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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Municipal Annexation Law
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24

Section 700. Short title.

701. Definitions.

702. Legislative intent.

703. Petition by residents or property owners to initiate

annexation of territory.

703-a. Resolution by governing boards of municipalities to

initiate annexation of territory.

704. Notice of hearing on petition or joint resolution to

initiate annexation of territory.

705. Hearing.

706. Annexation of uninhabited territory belonging to a city

or a village.

707. Disposition of property in area proposed to be annexed.

708. Assumption of debt.

709. Annexation by a city of territory in fire, fire

protection, or fire alarm districts; assumption of

indebtedness; property rights.

710. Disposition of taxes and other charges against property

in annexed territory.

711. Determination after hearing.

712. Adjudication and determination in the supreme court.

713. Election in event of approval.

714. Annexation after election approving proposition.

715. Effect on certain school districts in which territory is


716. Restrictions and prohibitions.

717. Boundaries and map of local government to which territory

is annexed.

718. Construction.

719. Schedule of laws repealed.