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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 18-102
General Obligations (GOB) CHAPTER 24-A, ARTICLE 18
§ 18-102. Definitions. The following words and phrases when used in
this article shall have, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise,
the meanings given to them in this section:

1. "Lift ticket" means any item issued by a ski area operator to any
skier that is intended to be affixed to the outerwear of the skier, or
otherwise displayed by a skier, to signify lawful entry upon and use of
the passenger tramways or ski slopes or trails maintained by the ski
area operator.

2. "Passenger tramway" means a mechanical device intended to transport
skiers for the purpose of providing access to ski slopes and trails as
defined by the commissioner of labor pursuant to section two hundred
two-c or eight hundred sixty-seven of the labor law.

3. "Passenger" means a person in or on or being transported by a

4. "Ski area" means all ski slopes, ski trails and passenger tramways
administered as a single enterprise within this state.

5. "Ski area operator" means a person, firm or corporation, and its
agents and employees, having operational and administrative
responsibility for any ski area, including any agency of the state, any
political subdivision thereof, and any other governmental agency or

6. "Skier" means any person wearing a ski or skis and any person
actually on a ski slope or trail located at a ski area, for the purpose
of skiing.

7. "Ski slopes and trails" mean those areas designated by the ski area
operator for skiing.