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This entry was published on 2017-10-27
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SECTION 18-302
General Obligations (GOB) CHAPTER 24-A, ARTICLE 18-B
§ 18-302. Definitions. For purposes of this article:

1. "Agricultural tourism" means activities, including the production
of maple sap and pure maple products made therefrom, farm and winery
tours, equine activities both outdoors and indoors but excluding equine
therapy, u-pick Christmas trees, hiking, hunting and other forms of
outdoor recreation offered to farm visitors, conducted by a farmer
on-farm for the enjoyment and/or education of the public, which
primarily promote the sale, marketing, production, harvesting or use of
the products of the farm and enhance the public's understanding and
awareness of farming and farm life.

2. "Equine therapy" shall include equine activities for children or
adults with physical or mental disabilities, post-traumatic stress
disorder or other condition for which equine therapy is sought for
therapeutic purposes or treatment.