1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. General Obligations
  4. Article 5: Creation, Definition and Enforcement of Contractual Obligations
  5. Title 5: Interest and Usury; Brokerage On Loans

Section 5-515 Borrower bringing an action need not offer to repay

General Obligations (GOB)

Whenever any borrower of money, goods or things in action, shall begin an action for the recovery of the money, goods or things in action taken in violation of the foregoing provisions of this title, it shall not be necessary for him to pay or offer to pay any interest or principal on the sum or thing loaned; nor shall any court require or compel the payment or deposit of the principal sum or interest, or any portion thereof, as a condition of granting relief to the borrower in any case of usurious loans forbidden by the foregoing provisions of this title.