1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Highway
  4. Article 3: State Highways

Section 55 Emergency aid for control of snow and ice in municipalities

Highway (HAY)

Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of law, general, special or local, the commissioner of transportation, when authorized by the governor, is empowered to aid any county, city, town or village of the state in the control of snow and ice during emergency situations, providing the governing board or body of any such municipality certifies to the governor (a) that such aid is required to promote the public welfare, (b) that such municipality does not have available and is unable to secure and provide the necessary equipment, facilities and personnel to perform the immediate work of control of snow and ice, and (c) that adequate and appropriate provision has been made to reimburse the state for any actual costs of labor and of maintenance and operation and for the depreciation of the necessary equipment and facilities of the state. The governing board or body of any such municipality and the commissioner of transportation are hereby authorized to enter into a contract for the purposes of this section upon such terms and conditions as shall be reasonable for the protection of the public.