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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Unlawful use of lands
§ 122. Unlawful use of lands. Any person, not of such tribe, who
shall hire, use or occupy any lands of such tribe, which have been
allotted by the trustees thereof, or any person who shall occupy or use
any of such lands without the consent of a majority of such trustees,
and of at least two of such justices, obtained and entered in the book
of the town clerk kept for such purpose, shall be liable to a penalty of
twenty-five dollars for every acre hired, used or occupied. Any person
belonging to such tribe, who shall cut any wood or timber on such lands,
without the order and consent of such trustees and justices entered in
such book, shall be liable to a penalty of ten dollars for each offense.
One-half of any such penalty shall be for the use of the overseers of
the poor of the town of Southampton, and the other half shall go to any
person who shall sue for the recovery thereof.