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General powers and duties of the council
§ 73. General powers and duties of the council. The council of the
Seneca nation shall meet annually on the first Tuesday of December, and
in extra session whenever called by the president. Ten of the councilors
shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of
business. The council shall have power,

1. To appropriate the moneys of the nation for the purpose of
discharging the debts thereof, but all appropriations of public moneys
shall be by an affirmative vote of at least ten of the councilors

2. To fix the salaries of all officers of the nation whose salaries
are not defined by law.

3. To determine on the laying out and working of roads and highways,
and to make by-laws for the regulation of such work.

4. To pass by-laws and ordinances, not inconsistent with law, for the
protection and improvement of the common land of the nation, for the
regulation of fences, for the prevention of trespass of cattle and other
animals; and may provide a penalty of not exceeding five dollars, for
the violation of any by-law or ordinances, recoverable by any officer of
the nation for the benefit of the nation, before the peacemakers' court
of the reservation in which the offender resides or in which the offense
is committed.

5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to establish, manage and
control a fire corporation for the fire protection of the common land of
the nation and to enter into contracts necessary for providing such fire
protection and to provide insurance for volunteer firefighters.