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The Seneca Indians
Indian (IND) CHAPTER 26

The Seneca Indians
Section 40. Use of terms.

41. Enumeration of officers.

42. Time and place of annual election.

43. Qualifications of voters and eligibility to office.

44. The treasurer.

45. The clerk.

46. Peacemakers' courts.

47. Record of peacemakers.

48. Costs and fees.

49. Incompetency of peacemakers.

50. Appeals to council of Seneca nation.

51. Appeals from peacemakers' court of Tonawanda nation.

52. Enforcement of judgments.

53. The marshal.

54. Prosecution of actions and disposition of recovery.

55. Allotment of lands.

56. Trees and timber on reservations.

57. Offering or giving bribes prohibited.

58. Acceptance of bribes prohibited.

59. Conveying bribes prohibited.

60. Offenders competent witnesses; witnesses' immunity.