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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 27
§ 2701. Definitions. For the purpose of this article:

(a) "Holocaust victim" shall mean any person, claimant, or the
estate, heir, legatee, descendant, survivor, beneficiary, or other such
successor-in-interest of such person, who lost his or her life or
property as a result of discriminatory laws, policies, or actions
targeted against discrete groups of persons based on race, religion,
ethnicity, sexual orientation or national origin, whether or not such
person was actually a member of any of the foregoing enumerated groups
or because such person assisted or allegedly assisted any of the
foregoing groups, between January first, nineteen hundred twenty-nine
and December thirty-first, nineteen hundred forty-five in areas under
Nazi influence as defined in subsection (f) of this section.

(b) "Person", "control", "holding company", and "holding company
system" and any other term used in this article but not otherwise
defined shall have the same meaning as it has in article fifteen of this

(c) "Insurance policy" shall mean any policy of insurance
substantially similar to any kind of insurance that was authorized at
any time in New York between and including the years nineteen hundred
twenty-nine and nineteen hundred forty-five or authorized by the
jurisdiction in which the policy was sold at the time it was sold
including but not limited to any form of life, accident and health,
annuities, property, casualty, education or dowry insurance.

(d) "Proceeds" shall mean the face or other pay-out value of an
insurance policy or annuity plus reasonable interest to date of payment
as shall be prescribed by regulations promulgated by the superintendent.

(e) "Member of a holding company system" shall include a holding
company, a controlled insurer, a controlled person, and any person who
alone or in concert with any other persons directly or indirectly
controls a holding company or controls a person who controls a holding

(f) "Areas under Nazi influence" shall mean the country of Nazi
Germany, areas occupied by Nazi Germany, those European countries allied
with Nazi Germany, areas occupied by those European countries allied
with Nazi Germany, or any other neutral European country or area in
Europe under the influence or threat of Nazi invasion.