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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Standard claim forms for fire losses
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 34
§ 3413. Standard claim forms for fire losses. (a) (1) On or before
April first, nineteen hundred eighty-two, the superintendent shall
establish a standard claim form to be used for all fire loss claims
under an insurance policy which is issued or issued for delivery in this
state covering such losses for property located in this state.

(2) The superintendent shall investigate and review claim forms which
are currently utilized prior to establishing such standard claim form.

(3) All insurers shall require the completion and filing of the
standard claim form.

(b) The adoption of such standard claim form by the superintendent
shall not preclude an insurer from obtaining any necessary additional
information regarding a claim from the claimant or any other source.

(c) (1) The superintendent is authorized and empowered to take such
action as he shall deem appropriate for the proper implementation hereof
and to provide by regulation that any form which does not comply with
this section shall not be issued or reissued.

(2) The regulation so promulgated shall specify an effective date,
which shall not be less than one hundred eighty days after the date of
promulgation, after which no insurer may require any claimant to
complete a form differing from the one prescribed by the superintendent,
other than additional requests for information pursuant to subsection
(b) of this section.