1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Insurance
  4. Article 41: Property/casualty Insurance Companies

Section 4111 Mutual companies; assessments

Insurance (ISC)

(a) Except as provided in section four thousand one hundred thirteen of this article, every domestic mutual property/casualty insurance company shall in its by-laws and policies prescribe the contingent mutual liability of its members for the payment of assessments, in such a way that each member shall be liable to pay the member's proportionate share, subject to the limitations hereinafter specified, of the amount of any assessment or assessments permitted for any purpose under any provisions of this chapter or necessary to make good an impairment of the minimum surplus of such company. The contingent liability of a member may be limited to an amount not less than one additional annual premium on each policy held by a member. The aggregate amount of all assessments whether levied by the board of directors of such insurer or by the superintendent as liquidator or rehabilitator of the insurer, or otherwise, shall be no greater amount than that specified in the by-laws and policies. Except as provided in section four thousand one hundred thirteen of this article, no such insurance company shall make, issue or deliver any policy of insurance, which does not prescribe the contingent liability of the policyholder in clear and explicit language printed in type not smaller than eight point.

  (b) If any domestic mutual property/casualty insurance company does not have admitted assets at least equal in amount to the aggregate of its liabilities and its minimum surplus as required by the provisions of this chapter, and if such impairment is not otherwise made good, the board of directors of the company may, with the approval of the superintendent and within such time as he prescribes, order an assessment in the manner specified in the by-laws for an amount which will provide sufficient funds to make good the impairment, except that no member shall be liable for an assessment exceeding the limit specified in his policy in accordance with subsection (a) hereof. All orders of assessment made by the board of directors shall be filed with the superintendent and shall not take effect unless and until approved by him. The superintendent may refuse any such approval if, in his judgment, refusal will best promote the interests of the policyholders and creditors of the company, and of the insuring public. Every assessment shall be made upon all members liable to assessment therefor in the proportion hereinafter specified. Every person, firm or corporation who or which was a member of such company at any time during one year prior to the making of an order of assessment by the board of directors shall be liable to pay and shall pay the member's proportionate share of any assessment which may be made in accordance with law, if the member is notified of the assessment within one year after making of an order of assessment. A member's proportionate part of any assessment shall be determined by applying to the premium earned on the member's policy or policies in force during a period of one year next preceding the order of assessment the ratio of the total assessment to the total premiums earned during such period on all policies subject to assessment.

  (c) Unless specifically authorized by the provisions of this chapter to issue non-assessable policies in this state, no foreign mutual property/casualty insurance company shall be or continue to be authorized to do business in this state unless its by-laws and policies issued in this state contain provisions for the levying and collection of assessments upon members, at least for the payment of losses and expenses, which conform in substance to subsection (b) hereof.

  (d) In the case of a mutual property/casualty insurance company subject to paragraph two of subsection (a) of section four thousand one hundred seven of this article, an assessment authorized by this section shall be made when, in addition to the grounds set forth in this section, if the ratio of net premium writings to surplus as regards policyholders is four to one or greater, based upon the last annual statement or any quarterly statement projected on an annual basis, subject to the approval of the superintendent, and if, at any time, upon examination, the superintendent determines that an assessment should be made pursuant to subsection (b) hereof or this subsection the superintendent shall make an appropriate order that the assessment be made.