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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 46
§ 4603. Benefits. (a) A system providing retirement benefits by
agreement with an employer may also provide in the same agreement for
withdrawal equities and benefits on account of disability or death.

(b) A system may provide pension benefits by entering into agreements
with an employer or group of employers having a common retirement plan
which has been approved by the superintendent to receive funds which are
to be accumulated at interest and, subject to the conditions agreed
upon, to apply the accumulated funds to provide pension benefits for the
employees of the employer or group of employers as each employee

(c) No agreement shall be entered into with an employer or group of
employers having less than twenty-five employees who are eligible for
retirement benefits under the agreement.

(d) The accumulation of any funds contributed by an employee shall be
used for his exclusive benefit.