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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Exemption from taxation; trusts; higher education loans
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28, ARTICLE 46
§ 4607. Exemption from taxation; trusts; higher education loans. (a)
The property of a system, the portion of wages or salary of an employee
deducted or to be deducted, the right of an employee to a pension
benefit, and all his rights in the funds of the system, shall be exempt
from taxation and from the operation of any law relating to bankruptcy
or insolvency, except as provided in section four thousand six hundred
eight of this article and subject to the provisions of section three
thousand two hundred twelve of this chapter.

(b) No trust created pursuant to this article shall be deemed invalid
as violating any existing laws against perpetuities or suspension of the
power of alienation of title to property; and the income arising from
any property, real or personal, held in such trust may be permitted to
accumulate until the fund shall be sufficient in the opinion of its
trustee or trustees to accomplish the purposes of such trust.

(c) Any system may lend money to any of its participating employees or
their children, who are attending or planning to attend college, to
assist them in meeting their expenses of higher education, where such
loans are guaranteed by the New York higher education services
corporation in accordance with the provisions of article fourteen of the
education law. In such cases no further security for the repayment of
such loans shall be required of the borrowers by such system.