1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Insurance
  4. Article 79: Service Contracts

Section 7901 Scope and purposes

Insurance (ISC)

(a) The purposes of this article are to:

  (1) create a legal framework within which service contracts may be sold in this state;

  (2) encourage the marketing and developing of more economical and effective means of providing services under service contracts; and

  (3) permit and encourage fair and effective competition among different systems of providing and paying for these services.

  (b) This article shall not apply to:

  (1) Express or implied warranties;

  (2) Maintenance agreements;

  (3) Warranties, service contracts or maintenance agreements offered by public utilities on their transmission devices to the extent they are regulated by the public service commission; and

  (4) Warranties, service contracts and maintenance agreements that are conditioned upon or otherwise associated with the sale or supply of heating fuel.