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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Assets and Deposits
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28

Section 1301. Admitted assets.

1302. Assets not admitted.

1303. Loss or claim reserves.

1304. Valuation reserves.

1305. Unearned premium reserves.

1306. Miscellaneous liabilities.

1307. Contingent liability for borrowings.

1308. Reinsurance, when permitted; effect on reserves.

1309. Insolvency of an insurer.

1310. Impairment of a stock insurer.

1311. Impairment of a mutual or reciprocal insurer.

1312. Trusteed surplus of alien insurers; impairment.

1313. Contents of advertisements and other public announcements

concerning financial condition of insurers.

1314. Deposits; custody, beneficiaries, exchanges, inspection

and income.

1315. Trusteed assets of alien insurers.

1316. Voluntary deposits.

1317. Release of deposits.

1318. Deposits, securities eligible.

1319. Deposits by foreign insurers.

1320. Deposits by alien insurers; statutory deposits.

1321. Commutation of reinsurance agreements.

1322. Risk-based capital for life insurance companies, accident

and health insurance companies, corporations organized

pursuant to article forty-three of this chapter, and

certain health maintenance organizations.

1323. Issuance of capital notes by domestic life insurance


1324. Risk-based capital for property/casualty insurance


1325. Exemption.