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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Rehabilitation, Liquidation, Conservation and Dissolution of Insurers
Insurance (ISC) CHAPTER 28


Section 7401. Application of article; definitions.

7402. Grounds for rehabilitation of domestic insurer.

7403. Order of rehabilitation; advances from property/casualty

insurance security fund; termination.

7404. Grounds for liquidation.

7405. Order of liquidation; rights and liabilities.

7406. Grounds for conservation of assets of foreign or alien


7407. Order of conservation or ancillary liquidation of a

foreign or alien insurer.

7408. Uniform insurers liquidation act; title; definitions.

7409. Conduct of delinquency proceedings against insurers

domiciled in this state.

7410. Conduct of delinquency proceedings against insurers not

domiciled in this state.

7411. Filing and proving of claims of non-residents against

delinquent insurers domiciled in this state.

7412. Filing and proving of claims of residents against

delinquent insurers domiciled in reciprocal states.

7413. Priority of preferred claims, special deposit claims and

secured claims.

7414. Attachment and garnishment of assets.

7415. Uniformity of interpretation.

7416. Grounds for dissolution of domestic insurer.

7417. Commencement of a proceeding.

7418. Service of order to show cause.

7419. Injunctions.

7420. Annual report.

7421. Removal of proceedings.

7422. Appointment of deputies; employment of assistants.

7423. Exemption from filing fees.

7424. Deposit of monies collected; preference.

7425. Voidable transfers.

7427. Offsets.

7428. Disposition of assets and compromise of claims.

7429. Borrowing on the pledge of assets.

7430. Levy of assessments; determination of liability of


7431. Determination of liability of members for other


7432. Adjudication of insolvency of insurer; time to file


7433. Proof and allowance of claims.

7433-a. Loan to workers' compensation security fund.

7434. Distribution of assets.

7435. Distribution for life insurers.

7436. Claims-made policies; special requirements.

7437. Qualified financial contracts.