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Appointment of administrative clerk in fifth judicial district
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 8
§ 271-a. Appointment of administrative clerk in fifth judicial
district. 1. The justices of the supreme court for the fifth judicial
district, or a majority of them, may designate and at pleasure remove
one of the clerks of the court as an administrative clerk. He shall have
charge of all the calendars of the supreme court in and for such
district and shall have such additional powers and perform such
additional duties as are provided by the rules or regulations adopted
from time to time in accordance with statute, or as may be assigned by
the justices.

2. The actual and necessary expenses of such clerk incurred by him in
the performance of his official duties shall be paid upon proper proof
thereof, and upon the approval of a justice of the supreme court in the
fifth judicial district designated for such purpose by a majority of the
other justices therein in a written instrument filed with the state
comptroller. The state comptroller shall audit the expenses of such
administrative clerk and the department of taxation and finance shall
pay the same when certified to the state comptroller in the manner
herein prescribed.

3. The administrative clerk hereby authorized shall annually receive
as compensation for services rendered in connection with the duties
hereby imposed, not to exceed two thousand dollars in addition to the
salary or compensation paid him by the county by which he is employed.
The additional compensation provided for by this subdivision shall be
determined and paid in the same manner as expenses under this section.

4. The total amount of the additional compensation and expenses of
such clerk as herein authorized shall be apportioned by the department
of taxation and finance among the counties of the fifth judicial
district, which shall reimburse the state therefor, and the time and
method of apportionment and reimbursement shall be as specified in
section seventy-four of this chapter.