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Appointment of terms of appellate division in each department
Judiciary (JUD) CHAPTER 30, ARTICLE 4
§ 79. Appointment of terms of appellate division in each department.
The terms of the appellate divisions of the supreme court are to be
appointed by the appellate division in each department, and are to be
held at such times and places and shall continue as long as the
appellate division deems proper.

An appointment of a term or terms of an appellate division must be
made and filed in the office of court administration at least thirty
days before the commencement of such term or terms. The governor may,
when in his opinion the public interest so requires, appoint one or more
extraordinary terms of the appellate division of the supreme court in
any department. He must designate the time and place of holding the same
and he must give notice of the appointment in such manner as, in his
judgment, the public interest requires.