1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Judiciary
  4. Article 21-B: Justice Court Assistance Program

Section 849-J Payment procedures; audits

Judiciary (JUD)

1. Upon approval of an application, the chief administrator, within available appropriations, may authorize disbursement of funds in any amount up to the amount sought by the application. Such disbursement may be by advance payment to the applicant (or joint applicants, as appropriate) before it incurs the cost for which its application sought funding, by reimbursement to the applicant after it incurs and pays such costs in the first instance, or by some combination thereof, as the chief administrator determines is appropriate under the circumstances.

  2. The state comptroller, the chief administrator and their authorized representatives shall have the power to inspect, examine and audit the fiscal affairs of the applicant (or applicants) to an approved application granted pursuant to this article to the extent necessary to determine whether funding received under the program has been used in accordance with the purpose or purposes for which it was sought in the application, and whether there has been compliance with all rules and regulations governing the program and the provisions of this article.