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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Review by industrial board of appeals
§ 101. Review by industrial board of appeals. 1. Except where
otherwise prescribed by law, any person in interest or his duly
authorized agent may petition the board for a review of the validity or
reasonableness of any rule, regulation or order made by the commissioner
under the provisions of this chapter. Such petition shall be filed with
the board no later than sixty days after the issuance of such rule,
regulation or order.

2. The petition shall be filed with the board in accordance with such
rules as the board shall prescribe, and shall state the rule,
regulation, or order proposed to be reviewed and in what respects it is
claimed to be invalid or unreasonable. Any objections to the rule,
regulation or order not raised in such appeal shall be deemed waived.
The board may join in one proceeding all petitions alleging invalidity
or unreasonableness of substantially similar rules, regulations or
orders. Except as otherwise prescribed by any provision of this chapter
or any other law, the filing of such petition may, in the discretion of
the board, operate to stay all proceedings against the petitioner under
such rule, regulation or order until the determination of such petition.

3. If the board finds that the rule, regulation or order, or any part
thereof, is invalid or unreasonable it shall revoke, amend or modify the