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This entry was published on 2021-04-02
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Record keeping
§ 233. Record keeping. 1. In all cases where service work is being
performed pursuant to a contract therefor the contractor shall keep
original payrolls or transcripts thereof, subscribed and confirmed by
him as true, under penalties of perjury, showing the hours and days
worked by each employee, the craft, trade or occupation at which he was
employed, and the wages paid.

2. Where the wages paid include sums which are not paid directly to
the workmen weekly and which are expended for supplements, the records
required to be maintained shall include a record of such hourly payment
on behalf of such employees, the supplement for which such payment has
been made, and the name and address of the person to whom such payment
has been made. In all such cases, the contractor shall keep a true and
inscribed copy of the agreement under which such payments are made, a
record of all net payments made thereunder, and a list of all persons
for whom such payments are made.

3. The records required to be maintained shall be kept on the site of
the work during all of the time that work under the contract is being

4. All records required to be maintained shall be preserved for a
period of three years after the completion of work.