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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Additional requirements for all buildings
§ 272. Additional requirements for all buildings. No factory shall be
conducted in any building unless such building shall be so constructed,
equipped and maintained in all respects as to afford adequate protection
against fire to all persons employed therein, nor unless in addition to
the provisions of sections two hundred and seventy and two hundred and
seventy-one such buildings shall conform to the following requirements:

1. Access to exits. Every exit shall be maintained in an unobstructed
condition. Safe and continuous passageways with an unobstructed width of
at least three feet throughout their length and leading directly to
every exit including fire escapes and passenger elevators shall be
maintained at all times on every floor of the building.

2. Stairways. Stairways shall be provided with proper hand rails.
Where the stairway is enclosed by fireproof partitions the bottom of the
enclosure shall be of fireproof material at least four inches thick,
unless such partitions extend to the cellar bottom. If safe egress may
be had from the roof to an adjacent structure all stairways serving as
required exits and extending to the top story shall be continued to the

3. Doors and windows. No door leading into or out of any factory or
any floor thereof shall be locked, bolted or fastened during working
hours. No door on any floor shall be obstructed by metal bars, grating
or wire mesh. Metal bars, grating or wire mesh provided for any window
or other opening shall be so constructed as to be readily movable or
removable from the inside so as to afford free and unobstructed use
thereof as a means of egress and they shall be left unlocked during
working hours. Every door opening on a stairway or other exit shall open
from both sides so as not to obstruct passage. Doors opening directly to
the street or to yard or open area, may be provided with panic bolts of
an approved type.

4. Exit signs. An exit sign shall be placed over all openings leading
to stairways and other exits. Such sign shall be legible and visible in
accordance with rules, regulations or requirements established by the
State of New York Board of Standards and Appeals.

5. Vertical openings. All vertical openings leading from one floor to
another, except one created by a mezzanine floor, shall be enclosed by
fire-proof or fire-resistive materials and ventilated in a manner
conforming to rules adopted by the board.

6. Floors. Floors in buildings more than one and less than five
stories in height erected after October first, nineteen hundred thirteen
and in all buildings erected prior thereto shall be so constructed or
provided with a protective ceiling as to have a fire-resistive rating of
at least one hour. This subdivision shall not apply where factory
buildings are provided throughout with an automatic fire extinguishing
system approved in the city of New York by the fire commissioner in such
city and elsewhere by the commissioner.

7. Regulations by board. The board may adopt rules and establish
requirements and standards for construction, equipment and maintenance
of factory buildings or of particular classes thereof and the means and
adequacy of exit therefrom in order to carry out the purposes of this
chapter, alternative or in addition to the requirements of this article,
and not inconsistent with the spirit thereof.