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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Fire-escapes erected before October first, nineteen hundred and thirteen
§ 274. Fire-escapes erected before October first, nineteen hundred and
thirteen. All outside fire-escapes erected before October first,
nineteen hundred and thirteen, and serving as required exits under the
provisions of section two hundred and seventy-one shall conform to the
following requirements:

1. There shall be balconies on each floor of the building connected
with stairways placed at an angle of not more than sixty degrees.

2. A stairway shall lead from the top floor balcony to the roof,
except when the fire-escapes are erected on the front of the building.

3. A stairway not less than twenty-two inches wide shall lead from the
lowest balcony to a safe landing place beneath, which stairway shall
remain down permanently or swing up and down by counterbalancing

4. A safe and unobstructed exit shall be provided to the street from
the foot of such fire-escapes as required in subdivision nine of section
two hundred and seventy-three.

5. Steps shall connect the sill of every opening leading to the
fire-escapes with the floor wherever such sill is more than three feet
above the floor level.

6. All openings leading to the fire-escapes shall be provided with
fireproof windows or fire doors.

7. All windows opening upon the course of the fire-escape shall be
fireproof windows.