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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 310. Foundries. Foundries shall conform to the provisions of this
chapter relating to factories and also to the following requirements:

1. Entrances and windows shall be constructed and maintained so as to
minimize drafts.

2. Gangways shall be constructed and maintained of sufficient width to
make the use thereof by employees reasonably safe and shall not be
obstructed during the progress of casting.

3. Smoke, steam or gases generated in foundries shall be effectively
removed therefrom in accordance with rules adopted by the board. The
milling and cleaning of castings and the milling of cupola cinders shall
be done under such conditions to be prescribed by the rules of the board
as will adequately protect the employees from dust. The use of heaters
discharging smoke or gas into the work rooms is prohibited except that
open fires may be used under conditions prescribed by the board in its
rules. Suitable provision shall be made for drying the working clothes
of employees.

4. All apparatus, tools, implements and equipment shall be kept in
proper condition and repair.

5. A first aid kit shall be provided for the use of employees in case
of burns or accidents.

6. Where ten or more persons are employed (a) there shall be provided
suitable and convenient wash rooms adequately equipped with hot and cold
water. Such wash rooms shall be kept clean and properly heated. (b)
Lockers shall be provided for the employees' clothing. (c) If outside
watercloset or privy accommodations are permitted by rules of the board,
they shall be properly heated and the passageway leading from the
foundry thereto shall be so constructed and protected that employees
using the passageway shall not be exposed to the outdoor atmosphere.