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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Establishment of a special task force
§ 342. Establishment of a special task force. The commissioner is
authorized to establish a special task force for the purpose of
concentrating enforcement of the labor law affecting production
employees in the apparel industry in New York state and otherwise
exercising the duties and powers set forth in sections three hundred
forty-three and three hundred forty-four of this article. Such special
task force shall be empowered to investigate and conduct inspections at
locations where an apparel industry contractor is operating.

The commissioner is further authorized to publish on the internet
listings of those persons and entities investigated by the department or
the special task force on the apparel industry and found not to be in
compliance with the law. The listing shall include all relevant
information concerning the violators included in the registration
process in accordance with section three hundred forty-one of this
article. The listing shall be updated regularly, not less than monthly,
amended to be adjusted for new instances of non-compliance. Any retailer
or manufacturer or contractor requesting verification of the
registration status of a manufacturer or contractor shall be provided
with a reference to this internet web site listing.