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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Special task force training; assistance of agencies
§ 346. Special task force training; assistance of agencies. 1. The
special task force shall receive training to be provided by the state in
each of the areas of the labor law, state or local building codes, state
or local fire codes, laws or regulations and state or local health
codes, laws or regulations in which potential violations exist and such
other training as is necessary to carry out the duties and powers of the
special task force, as defined in sections three hundred forty-three and
three hundred forty-four of this article.

2. The special task force may request from any department, division,
board, bureau, commission or other agency of the state, any political
subdivision of the state, a public authority or any other governmental
agency or instrumentality of the state, such assistance as will enable
it to properly carry out its powers and duties hereunder.