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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Annual reports
§ 349-a. Annual reports. The commissioner shall publish, on or before
February first, two thousand five and quarterly thereafter, a report
setting forth the names of all registered apparel industry manufacturers
and contractors, and all of such manufacturers and contractors who were
found to be in violation of this article within the past year. Such
report shall be delivered to the governor, the speaker of the assembly,
the temporary president of the senate, the chairs of the assembly labor
committee and the senate labor committee, and in cities with a
population of one million or more, to every community board where any
such registered apparel industry manufacturer or contractor does
business, and to every certified and authorized labor union representing
employees working in the apparel industry. Such report shall include
instructions on registration requirements and information on how to
report unregistered apparel industry manufacturers or contractors to the
special task force for the garment industry.