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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers of the industrial commissioner and exceptions
§ 351. Powers of the industrial commissioner and exceptions. 1. The
industrial commissioner shall, after proper study and consideration,
determine within what industries conditions may permit of industrial
homework as hereinbefore defined without unduly jeopardizing the factory
workers in such industries as to both wages and working conditions and
without unduly injuring the health and welfare of the industrial
homeworker himself. The commissioner may then restrict the granting of
permits and licenses for industrial homework as herein defined to such
industries and may further issue rules and regulations designed to
control and regulate industrial homework in the said permitted
industries. In all other industries industrial homework is forbidden
unless expressly permitted in writing by the industrial commissioner.

2. a. Exception to this article shall be made by the industrial
commissioner in respect of clerical work done in a home. "Clerical work"
shall mean typing, stenciling, transcribing, copying, bookkeeping and
stenographic work. Clerical work shall not mean inserting, collating,
labeling, nesting, sorting, stamping or similar work.

b. Exception to this article may be made by the industrial
commissioner in respect of such other provisions consonant with the
general purpose of this article as the commissioner may on study
determine to be warranted by conditions.