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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Conditions of manufacture
§ 354. Conditions of manufacture. 1. No person other than a person
resident therein shall carry on industrial homework on any article in a
home except as otherwise provided for under section three hundred
fifty-one, subdivision two, paragraph b.

2. No person shall carry on industrial homework except in accordance
with this article.

3. No child shall be employed in manufacture in a home except in
accordance with articles four and five of this chapter.

4. No employer having an employer's permit shall deliver or cause to
be delivered or received any articles for or as a result of homework
manufacture unless he shall keep in such form and forward to the
commissioner at such intervals as he may by regulation prescribe and on
such blanks as he may provide, a complete and accurate list of all
persons engaged in industrial homework on materials furnished or
distributed by him, of all places where such persons work, of all
materials furnished and distributed to such persons described as the
commissioner may require, of all goods which such persons have
manufactured and of the wages paid to each industrial homeworker, and
unless he shall attach to all materials delivered for homework
manufacture a label bearing his name and address or place of business
legibly written or printed in English.

5. No person shall do industrial homework, except in a home in which
he resides, and unless his name is on a homeworker's certificate issued
by the commissioner and permitting industrial homework to be done in
such home, and unless such certificate is exposed clearly in the home in
which industrial homework is being done.

6. No article of food, no dolls or dolls' clothing and no stuffed
animals or other stuffed toys used in the same way as dolls shall be
manufactured for a factory, either directly or through a contractor or
for an employer, in a home.