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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 426. Equipment. Every employer of persons for work in compressed air

1. Connect at least two air pipes with the working chamber and keep
such pipes in perfect working condition;

2. Attach to the working chamber in accessible positions all
instruments necessary to show its pressure and keep such instruments in
charge of competent persons, with a period of duty for each such person
not exceeding eight hours in any twenty-four;

3. Place in each shaft a safe ladder extending its entire length;

4. Light properly and keep clear each passageway;

5. Provide independent lighting systems for the working chamber and
shaft leading to it, when electricity is used for lighting;

6. Guard lights other than electric lights;

7. Protect workmen by a shield erected in the working chamber when
such chamber is less than ten feet long and is suspended with more than
nine feet space between its deck and the bottom of the excavation;

8. Provide for and keep accessible to employees working in compressed
air a dressing room heated, lighted and ventilated properly and supplied
with benches, lockers, sanitary waterclosets, bathing facilities and hot
and cold water;

9. Establish and maintain a medical lock properly heated, lighted,
ventilated and supplied with medicines and surgical implements, when the
maximum air pressure exceeds seventeen pounds.