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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Application of article
§ 450. Application of article. 1. This article shall apply to persons
engaged in the manufacture, ownership, possession, storage, use,
transportation, purchase, sale or gift of explosives as defined in
subdivision one of section four hundred fifty-one of this article.

2. This article shall not apply to explosives while being transported
in conformity with federal law or regulations, nor except as may be
herein otherwise provided to persons who manufacture, own, possess,
store, use, transport, purchase, sell or give explosives within the
territorial boundaries of cities having more than one million
inhabitants, nor to any of the following while in the performance of
their official duties: the armed forces of the United States, the
national guard, the state guard and duly constituted police and
firefighting forces of the state and its civil and political

3. For all purposes of this article, explosives in the possession of
an employee within the scope of his duties, shall be considered to be in
the possession of the employer.