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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Magazine precautions
§ 455. Magazine precautions. 1. No individual shall unlock, open the
doors of, or access the contents of, explosive magazines, except for the
lawful storage or removal of explosives and in accordance with
regulations of the commissioner. No employer shall allow any individual
access to the explosive magazines or explosives of the employer unless a
license has been issued to the individual by the commissioner as
provided in this article, or the individual is under the direct
supervision of the license holder.

No person shall have matches or fire of any kind in any magazine. No
person shall store or keep blasting caps, detonating or fulminating
caps, or detonators in a magazine in which any other type of explosive
is stored or kept. No person shall open any package of explosives within
fifty feet of any magazine, nor shall any explosives be kept in a
magazine except in the original containers, or as otherwise provided by
regulations promulgated under this article. No person shall discharge
firearms within five hundred feet of a magazine or explosives factory,
or at or against any such building or magazine. Any theft or loss of
explosives from a storage magazine or otherwise, shall immediately be
reported to the commissioner and the state or local police or county