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This entry was published on 2021-10-15
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§ 602-a. Outreach. 1. The commissioner shall have the obligation and
duty of providing informational materials regarding shared work program
eligibility. Such materials shall be made available on the department's
website and provided to each employer within the state annually through
such means as the commissioner deems appropriate.

2. The department shall conduct outreach to employers within the state
for purposes of providing information regarding the benefits of shared
work programs, including by remote and in-person information sessions,
correspondence, assistance in completing an application for approval of
a shared work program, and such other means as the commissioner may deem
appropriate. The department shall consult and coordinate with the
department of economic development, small business development centers
and any other relevant agency, department, office, division, board,
bureau, commission or authority.

3. The department shall report to the governor, the temporary
president of the senate and the speaker of the assembly on any and all
outreach efforts made pursuant to this section on an annual basis
beginning one year after the effective date of this section.