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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Eligibility conditions
§ 604. Eligibility conditions. A claimant shall be eligible for
benefits under this title if he or she works less than his or her normal
hours in a week for his customary employer, and that employer has
reduced or restricted the claimant's weekly hours of work, or has
rehired a claimant previously laid off and reduced his or her weekly
hours of work from those previously worked, as the result of a plan by
the employer to stabilize the work force by a program of sharing the
work remaining after a reduction in total hours of work and a
corresponding reduction in wages, provided the program requires not less
than a twenty percent nor more than a sixty percent reduction in hours
and wages among the work force. A claimant receiving supplemental
unemployment compensation benefits, as defined in section five hundred
one (c) (17) (D) of the internal revenue code of nineteen hundred
fifty-four, shall not be eligible hereunder. Any employee who was
otherwise eligible for benefits under this title but was denied benefits
during the period beginning October first, two thousand one and ending
on December first, two thousand one because more than five percent of
his or her wages were derived from piece work, shall be entitled to make
a retroactive claim for such benefits provided such claim is filed
within sixty days of the effective date of this sentence.