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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Appeals to courts
§ 624. Appeals to courts. Within thirty days after the mailing or
personal delivery of notice of a decision by the appeal board, the
commissioner or any other party affected thereby who appeared at the
appeal before the board may appeal questions of law involved in such
decision to the appellate division of the supreme court, third
department. The board may also, in its discretion, certify to such court
questions of law involved in its decisions. Such appeals and the
questions so certified shall be heard in a summary manner and shall have
precedence over all other civil cases in such court except cases arising
under the workmen's compensation law. The commissioner shall be
represented in court by the attorney-general without additional
compensation. An appeal may be taken from the decision of such court to
the court of appeals in the same manner and subject to the same
limitations, not inconsistent herewith, as is provided for in civil
action. It shall not be necessary to file exception to the rulings of
the appeal board. No bond shall be required to be filed upon an appeal
to the appellate division or to the court of appeals, except as
hereinafter provided. Upon final determination of an appeal, the appeal
board shall enter an order in accordance with such determination.