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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Statement of public policy
§ 650. Statement of public policy. There are persons employed in some
occupations in the state of New York at wages insufficient to provide
adequate maintenance for themselves and their families. Such employment
impairs the health, efficiency, and well-being of the persons so
employed, constitutes unfair competition against other employers and
their employees, threatens the stability of industry, reduces the
purchasing power of employees, and requires, in many instances, that
wages be supplemented by the payment of public moneys for relief or
other public and private assistance. Employment of persons at these
insufficient rates of pay threatens the health and well-being of the
people of this state and injures the overall economy.

Accordingly, it is the declared policy of the state of New York that
such conditions be eliminated as rapidly as practicable without
substantially curtailing opportunities for employment or earning power.
To this end minimum wage standards shall be established and maintained.