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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Action by commissioner upon wage board report
§ 656. Action by commissioner upon wage board report. When the wage
board submits its report and recommendations to the commissioner, the
commissioner shall forthwith file them with the secretary of the
department. Within five days of their receipt, the commissioner shall
publish a notice of such filing in at least ten newspapers of general
circulation in the state. Any objections to the report and
recommendations shall be filed with the commissioner within fifteen days
after such publication. The commissioner may, if he deems it
appropriate, order oral argument, which shall be scheduled before the
commissioner, or such representative as he may designate, on five days'
notice to the persons who have filed objections to the report and
recommendations. Whether or not oral argument is scheduled, the
commissioner shall by order accept or reject the board's report and
recommendations within forty-five days after filing with the secretary
of the department. The commissioner may by such order modify the
regulations recommended by the board. Such order of the commissioner
shall become effective thirty days after publication, in the manner
prescribed in this section, of a notice of such order. The commissioner
may, within such forty-five days, confer with the wage board, which may
make such changes in its report or recommendations as it may deem fit.
The commissioner also may, within such forty-five days, remand the
matter to the board for such further proceeding as he may direct.