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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reconsideration of wage orders and regulations
§ 659. Reconsideration of wage orders and regulations. 1. By wage
board. At any time after a minimum wage order has been in effect for six
months or more, the commissioner, on his own motion or on a petition of
fifty or more residents of the state engaged in or affected by the
occupation or occupations to which an order is applicable, may reconvene
the same wage board or appoint a new wage board to recommend whether or
not the minimum wage and regulations prescribed by such order should be
modified, and the provisions of section six hundred fifty-five through
six hundred fifty-seven shall thereafter apply.

2. By commissioner. The commissioner, without referral to the wage
board, may, at any time after public hearing, by order propose such
modifications of or additions to any regulations as he may deem
appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this article. Notice of
hearing and promulgation of any such order shall be published in
accordance with the provisions contained in section six hundred
fifty-six. Such order shall be effective thirty days after such
publication and section six hundred fifty-seven shall thereafter apply.